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Proven technology

Chinook's world leading thermal treatment technology for environmental applications is in its 9th design generation and has a proven track record in commercial operating plants in the US and Europe, having been successfully implemented in 18 projects around the world over the last 19 years.

Technology Highlights:

  • Leading yields for activated carbon manufacture

  • Extra high-quality activated carbon (high performance AC)

  • High purity renewable hydrogen capture at >99.99% purity

  • The only technology that combines both optimum high performance Ac production with high purity hydrogen production.

  • Lowest capex energy from waste systems

  • One of only a handful of technologies which can produce syngas from waste suitable for manufacture of renewable aviation fuel

Unsurpassed environmental performance

Chinook has an unblemished environmental record over 19 years of commercial operation. Chinook's comprehensibly monitored and controlled process is able to easily comply with the strictest emission standards worldwide by a large margin.