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The flexibility of Chinook’s technology allows to us to produce high-performance Activated Carbon over a wide range of customer specifications and sizes. Activated carbon (AC; also known as activated charcoal or activated coal) is a porous carbon that is derived from processing a variety of feedstocks including, coal, coconut shells, wood or other biomass material. This porous carbon is useful for the absorption of unwanted organic, non-polar substances and is thus valuable as a filtration material, mainly for use with water purification, gas purification, air purification, metal extraction, gold recovery, sewage treatment and even medicinal applications.

Our range of AC products are manufactured from coal, wood, coconut shells and other biomass feedstock are available in a range of standard mesh sizes ranging from PAC to 12x40, 12x30, 4x8 GAC etc.

RX100 Series - Bituminous Coal based AC has primarily meso-pores and macro-pores, very popular in gas phase purification, potable water purification, industrial towns and wastewater purification and aquarium/pond water purification applications.

RX200 Series - Lignite Coal based AC has high meso-porosity for effective color removal from waste waters, predominantly used in waste water applications.

RX300 Series – Coconut shell-based AC has primarily micro-pores to meso-pores, very popular in industrial process and potable water purification applications due to its unique distribution of pore diameter.

RX400 Series – Wood based AC has high porosity and purity, used in industrial water and wastewater treatments for decolorization and vapor phase injection systems.

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