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Chinook's award winning RODECS® technology is the worlds only industrial universal gasification system and uses our multi-patented Active Pyrolysis® process to reclaim valuables and transform discarded waste materials into usable energy.

With an unblemished environmental track record (well within the strictest environmental standards worldwide) and unequalled commercial viability, the RODECS® system is on it's 9th design generation and has been successfully implemented in 16 projects worldwide over the last 14 years.


The very first RODECS® system was commissioned in the year 2000, had a batch capacity of only 2 cubic meters and is still in full operational today. The 9th generation RODECS® system now has a batch capacity of over 100 cubic meters and is capable of processing 100,000 tons of MSW material per year.

Combining both pyrolysis and gasification the RODECS® system is able to process any form of organic waste and recover metals and other valuables while producing a highly efficient clean synthetic gas (syngas) for energy generation. The cutting edge proprietary process does not require any form of pre-sorting or pre-processing which adds considerably to the economic strengths of the system.


The RODECS® system is able to achieve unsurpassed thermal conversion efficiency with its patented Active Pyrolysis® process which actively monitors and conditions the syngas during the processing cycle, altering the gaseous composition and the atmospheric conditions according to the target requirements. The process is achieved by synchronising the operation of the various systems while maintaining close control over the operation at all times.

Another strength of the RODECS® system is that it is modular and scalable and can be implemented with multiple RODECS® lines per plant. This allows it to be used to fit various project sizes supporting anything between a community scale size project (less than 30,000 tonnes per year) to a full large city production with multiples of 100,000 tons per year of MSW.