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Proven technology

Chinook's world leading gasification and pyrolysis technology is in its 9th design generation and has a proven track record in commercial operating plants in US and Europe, having been successfully implemented in 16 projects around the world over the last 14 years.

A true non incineration technology

Because Chinook's technology is a true Advanced Thermal Treatment, it does not rely on any combustion of the waste. This means it has numerous advantages over incineration based technology which has lower efficiency in electrical generation, high emission levels, much higher volume of post processing residue (over 20% compared to Chinook's less than 4%).

No pre-treatment or pre-sorting.

Chinook's technology does not require any form of pre-treatment or pre-sorting of its waste feedstock. The RODECS® technology is a true universal gasification solution, capable of processing untreated  “black bag” waste as well as a range of other industrial and commercial wastes and recycling residues.  Waste streams can be mixed as required, making the plants very adaptable and flexible. Other thermal treatment solutions require their waste feedstock to have very specific physical and chemical characteristics. In order to achieve this they must undergo expensive pre-processing including shredding, sorting and drying prior to thermal treatment. This intensive operation increases the parasitic load which lowers the net power exported and can cost £12-£20 per tonne.

Higher quantity recovery

The RODECS® technology is unique in its ability to recover undamaged valuables due to its low temperatures and low oxygen heating process. This means superior recovery and of a higher quality as material is cleaned of all organics.

Outstanding power conversion efficiency

Chinook's RODECS® technology has been proven to have a class-leading level of conversion efficiency. In addition to a lower parasitic load (electricity used in the process) due to not needing any pre-sorting or pre-treatment, Chinook's plants can be configured in many ways including combined cycle operation with either gas engines or gas turbines. 

Optimal extraction of energy from low calorific waste

Due to a unique and patented process, Chinook's technology is able to take advantage of an excellent conversion efficiency from waste with a low calorific value (CV). This increases the commercial prospects of Chinook's plants and makes the economics of those plants viable even in countries (typically emerging markets) that have waste with a low CV.

Unsurpassed environmental performance

Chinook has an unblemished environmental record over 14 years of commercial operation. Chinook's comprehensibly monitored and controlled process is able to easily comply with the strictest emission standards worldwide (including the EU WID Directive) by a large margin.

Minimum post processing landfill residue

Chinook's technology has a very high carbon conversion efficiency (over 99%), the organic-compound of the waste (carbon) is transformed into synthetic fuel, without leaving behind 'char', or vitrified slag that causes loss of energy, and requires further disposal. The post-processing residue is predominately inert materials.