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Dr. Rifat Chalabi
Chairman and Co-Founder

Dr. Rifat Chalabi is the Chairman and co-founder of Chinook Sciences Group, which includes Chinook Sciences, and Chinook Engineering Ltd. Dr. Chalabi is the co-inventor of the technology developed by Chinook Sciences. In his role as the co-founder of Chinook Engineering, the company developed and commercialized technology for combining conversion of low quality biomass and coal into high value environmental products and renewable fuel . In his role as the president of Chinook Sciences, the company formed multiple independent joint ventures.

Prior to Chinook Sciences, Dr. Chalabi was a lead scientist in BOC Group. His responsibilities were for the combined combustion and computer modeling group activities in the industrial market sector of BOC. During his 5 years employment [1994 - 1998], Dr. Chalabi formed the industrial modeling group, and invented and implemented several major inventions in the combustion and industrial furnaces operation. Dr. Chalabi has authored several patents and international publications in the field of combustion, furnaces, decoating, and nuclear engineering.

Dr. Chalabi received his PhD in Nuclear Engineering, Master of Sciences in Nuclear Engineering (computational method), in 1994 and 1991 respectively from North Carolina State University.