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Richard Galinkin, CPA
Sr. Financial Director

Richard Galinkin CPA, is the senior financial director for the US Chinook Sciences, LLC. Mr. Galinkin has over 25 years practical experience in Federal Income Tax and Estate Taxation, as well as International Taxation. He received his B.S. degree in Accounting from Rider University and is a member of the NJSCPA. Mr. Galinkin served as a committee member of the NJSCPA Federal Taxation Committee, and was a past Co-Committee Chairman of the Federal Taxation Flow-Through Committee for Estates, Trusts, S Corporations, LLC's and Partnerships.

In addition to consulting with small to medium corporate clients on various tax issues, Mr. Galinkin has been engaged as an expert witness on several tax issues in both federal and state jurisdictions as well as the NASD for different law firms.

He has also lectured on Estate and Financial Planning at Seton Hall University for continuing education students.