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Mission Statement

Chinook Sciences is dedicated to developing and implementing solutions to address the world's need for clean, sustainable energy. To do this Chinook Sciences rely on five basic principles:

Leverage proprietary technology - we will build off of Chinook Sciences' leadership position, patented "disruptive" technology and unparalleled ten-year proven industrial operating history in gasification and waste management.

Focus on profitability - for a renewable energy project to be viable in the long term and to attract the necessary capital, it needs to be profitable. Chinook's unique technology enables us to achieve profitability where others have failed.

Continue to innovate - we will continue to develop and evolve our technologies to improve upon what we already do well and to address new challenges. We tend to be attracted to business challenges that others avoid by coming at the problem from a new direction and developing a capability that others do not have.

Cultivate partnerships - particularly in a new and strategically essential area such as renewable energy, it will be necessary to engage a wide range of partners across the public and private sectors and to work with those partners in an open and transparent way. We will only succeed in achieving our goals if our partners succeed in achieving their goals.

Adhere to a strict code of corporate responsibility -

to succeed we need to treat our partners, customers, employees and the environment with integrity, openness and a sense of shared mutual interests.