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2015 – Midlands Innovation of the Year Award

March saw Chinook Sciences win its first award of the year with the Midlands Innovation of the Year Award for Best New Technological Development.

2014 – Chinook Sciences wins Energy Institute Award

In December 2014 Chinook Sciences completed its most award filled year by receiving the Energy Institute Award for Most Outstanding New Technology.

2014 – Prestigious National Recycling Award given to Chinook Sciences

July 2014 once again saw Chinook Sciences add to its impressive award collection by receiving the National Recycling Award for Best Energy from Waste Initiative.

2014 – Chinook Sciences wins Business Award for Excellence in Science & Technology

May of 2014 saw Chinook Sciences continue it's outstanding award winning streak by receiving the Nottingham Post Business Award for Excellence in Science & Technology.

2014 – Chinook Sciences announces Sharjah project

In May 2014 Chinook Sciences and Chinook Energy announced a major project to deliver and construct the world’s largest gasification & pyrolysis recycling and energy-from-waste plant in Sharjah, UAE. The plant size is over £300m in total value and will process approximately half a million tones of municipal and other wastes each year with a carbon off-set of approximately 400,000 tonnes CO2 per annum.

2014 - Chinook Sciences Wins Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation

April 2014 saw Chinook Sciences named as a winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, the UK’s highest accolade for business success.

2014 - Chinook Sciences Wins Environment and Energy Award for Innovation

In April of 2014, the 20th Annual Environment and Energy Awards awarded Chinook Sciences with the most innovative company in the Energy from Waste Category for its patented End Stage Recycling® Technology with Renewable Energy generation.

2013 - UK Treasury backs new Chinook plants

In October 2013 it was announced that multiple Chinook renewable energy plants across the UK were pre-approved for the £40bn UK Infrastructure Guarantee Scheme.

2013 - Chinook Sciences wins Nottinghamshire Best Business Award for 2013

In October 2013 Chinook Sciences was awarded the Excellence in Innovation award by the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce in the annual Best Business Awards.

2012 - Biffa bid 

In August 2012 Chinook Urban Mining (in which Chinook Sciences has a minority interest) submitted a £520 million cash offer for Biffa in partnership with private equity firms including Clearbrook Capital.

2012 - Construction begins on Innovative Environmental Solutions plant in Oldbury UK

In June 2012 the construction began on the IES ASR plant at Oldbury in the West Midlands, which will generate 40 MW of environmentally sustainable electricity.

2011 - Opening of world's largest Advanced Thermal Treatment R&D facility

Chinook further expanded its extensive R&D operations with a substantial R&D and Development Facility in Nottingham, close to the Company’s Engineering & Development Headquarters. The facility houses a 9th generation RODECS system with full gas engine power generation.

2010 - Office and workforce expansion

Chinook Sciences' headquarters were relocated to the Nottingham Science Park in October of 2010. This led to a doubling of the workforce from 45 to 90 over the following year including the expansion and upgrade of the Command and Control Centre.

2009 - Announcement of Innovative Environmental Solutions UK LTD.

In March 2009 Chinook announced the formation of Innovative Environmental Solutions UK Limited. 

2008-2010 - Four more Chinook plants begin operation

Between 2008 and 2010 Chinook began operation of four additional plants producing syngas from low quality waste.

2005 - Formation of Chinook Energy

Chinook Sciences announced the formation of Chinook Energy in 2005 and expanded the application of our world leading gasification and pyrolysis technology into the field of waste to energy.

2005 - The RODECS® technology installed in 11 locations

Chinook built and installed RODECS® systems into 11 locations around the world by 2005. By this time the RODECS® system was on its fifth design generation and had a production capability of 15 cubic meters.

2004 - 3rd generation RODECS® system built

By 2004 Chinook was already on the 3rd generation of the RODECS® system, with numerous improvements and a production capacity of 5 cubic meters.

2000 - First RODECS® system commissioned

In the years that followed the formation of the company, Chinook developed and built our breakthrough RODECS® system which was originally designed to recover valuable materials from waste. Chinook commissioned the first RODECS® system in 2000.

1998 - Formation

Chinook Sciences was formed in 1998 by a research group of experts in nuclear, thermal and gas processing. Originally formed to support those industries the company soon changed its focus to becoming a technology and equipment provider for the industries gasses and environmental industries.