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Harry Perry
Director of R&D

Harry Perry is an executive Vice President and Head of European and MENA operations. He is a co-founder of Chinook Sciences Group, and Co-Inventor of the technology developed by Chinook Sciences. Mr. Perry is a member of the Chinook Sciences Executive Board. In his role as head of Research and Development, Mr. Perry heads the development of all Chinook Technologies across the Atlantic. In his previous role as Head of Engineering, Mr. Perry built Chinook Sciences Ltd, and Chinook Engineering Ltd in the United Kingdom. These two groups represent Chinook Sciences Core Engineering competence.

Prior to Chinook Sciences, in 1996 Mr. Perry worked as Project General Manager of a large recycling facility in Brazil. Prior to that from 1980-1995 Mr. Perry joined UK Engineering firm SAS (Stein Atkinson Stordy) as General Manager. The company is part of a group that performs two billion US Dollars in annual revenue. In 1986 Mr. Perry was appointed to the board of directors for SAS, as Director of Aluminum Division, and to head a 500 technical group. Mr. Perry is the designer and inventor of several SAS technologies that are still in operation in several foundries around the world. Mr. Perry authored several patents in the field of decoating, furnaces, and thermal processes.

Mr. Perry received his Bachelor of Sciences degree in Electrical Engineering from Aston University in Birmingham.