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Not only is Chinook's process more efficient than any other technology, it also has more environmental advantages throughout the process. Our plants have exceedingly low emissions and significant net reductions in greenhouse gases. For instance, utilising our technology for energy from waste diverts material from landfill, reduces the need for fossil fuel energy production and does not use incineration or plasma methods.

Chinook's technology offers an unsurpassed environmental performance.  The combination of Chinook's well controlled process and comprehensive built-in gas treatment system ensures that Chinook's plants have an unblemished environmental record and are able to easily comply with the strictest emission standards in the world (like the European Industrial Emissions Chapter IV limits) by a large margin. 


At the centre of Chinook's environmental performance is the Active Pyrolysis® process, a tightly monitored and controlled process that ensures that any emissions are under strict control during the generation and abatement process.

Because Chinook's technology is a true Advanced Thermal Treatment, it is able to fully transform almost all carbon (over 99%) into synthetic fuel and does not produce the 'char', 'vitrified slag or other ash waste that require disposal like that of inferior processes. The only by-product of our process is aggregate (which is turned into product like sand, stone, glass etc.) and clean valuables.

Our reclamation process is superior to conventional methods due to the fact that it produces virtually no emissions, has far superior recovery and low operating costs, all of which contributes to our significant levels of net reduction in greenhouse gases.