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Realising the immense potential for application in the field, Chinook Sciences expanded the use of our world leading gasification and pyrolysis technology into energy from waste in 2005 and have since become a world leader in this  market.

Because of the unique features of our RODECS® technology, Chinook Sciences has been able to build and operate a number of successful energy from waste plants around the world. These combine recycling and energy recovery  by processing any type of organic based feedstock to produce a high-quality syngas which is then used to fuel gas engines, with the recovered heat energy also used to generate additional power in a steam turbine, resulting in a genuine combined cycle system in highly efficient energy from waste  power plant.

Our unparalleled technology holds more than a 100 granted patents that protects all aspects of our energy from waste process. And our projects are supported by our engineering group that have an outstanding history as a technology developer, successful original equipment manufacturer, competent EPC contractor and experienced plant operator. With over 14 years of experience in developing gasification plants (more than any other technology developer) our engineering group also has the highest calibre technical skills in the industry in planning, designing, constructing, managing, installing and commissioning gasification plants.