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Dr. Fanli Meng
Executive Vice President: Group Administration

Dr. Fanli Meng is the Executive Vice President of Administration. He is co-founder of Chinook Sciences Group. In his role as head of Chinook Sciences administration, Dr. Meng is responsible for company hiring, internal finance, and company strategic growth. In his previous role as Director of Process development, Dr. Meng developed the RODECS and furnaces combustion, physiochemical models, and economic models for the waste reclamation plants.

Prior to Chinook Sciences, Dr. Meng was a scientist in BOC Group. His responsibilities were developing the physiochemical models for the various applications within the industrial market sector of BOC. During his employment period, Dr. Meng developed many of the theoretical models behind BOC major inventions in the combustion and industrial furnaces applications. Dr. Meng authored several papers and patents in the field of combustion, decoating, furnaces, and thermal processes.

Dr. Meng completed three years as a post Doctorate Research associate in the Advanced Combustion Engineering Research Centre, National Science Foundation, Brigham Young University in Utah. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1994.