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Active Pyrolysis® (or Active Pyro®) is the name of our advanced thermal technology which combines gasification and pyrolysis in an intelligent automated process that results in recycling of waste in the feedstock and generates a fuel-type syngas that is combusted for renewable energy generation, for any type of organic based feedstock. The Active Pyro® process, concept and technology has over 75 granted patents world wide and has been developed by Chinook Sciences since its inception in 1998 and the years of development and high level of control results in a very high carbon conversion efficiency (more than 99.9%). 

The intelligent automated control system regulates the processing of waste material according to an algorithm that defines system efficiency with the objective of a full conversion of organics into synthetic gas.

With the addition of Chinook developed and patented gas cleaning technologies, the technology is now the worlds only universal gasification system and because of the unique advantages it has over other technologies it is also the most advanced waste to energy system in the world.