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In 1998 a group of engineers with expertise in nuclear, thermal and gas processing formed Chinook Sciences as a research group to support the nuclear, metal and industrial gas industries. The focus of the company quickly shifted to becoming a technology and equipment provider to the metal, industrial gasses and environmental industries, generating revenue through capital equipment sales. 

In 1999 Chinook Sciences then developed the RODECS® technology the worlds only universal gasification system. This system utilises our multi patented Active Pyrolysis® process to reclaim valuables such as metals and glass from waste. 

The very first RODECS® system was commissioned in 2000 and had a production capability of only 2 cubic meters. It is still in full operational to this date. The 9th generation  RODECS® system now has a production capability of 100 cubic meters and is capable of processing 100,000 tons of MSW material per year.

By 2005 Chinook's role and business model had evolved to that of project sponsor and operator and our RODECS® technology was already installed in 11 locations around the world.

Chinook Energy was then formed later that year to expand the application of our world leading gasification and pyrolysis technology into the field of waste to energy. Since then Chinook Sciences has become the world leader in the field of waste to energy and metal reclamation and continues to expand worldwide.