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Chinook gasification plant awaits commission
October 20th, 2014 


An industrial waste gasification plant in the West Midlands said to be the biggest of its kind is due for commissioning later this month.

The plant, based in Oldbury, won the Best Energy From Waste Initiative award this year at MRW’s National Recycling Awards. It is being developed in a £100m joint venture between European Metals Recycling and Chinook Sciences.

Chinook’s gasification process works by using an industrial pressure cooker to turn wood and other organic material such as wood, carpet and foam into gas, while clean metal is stripped out for recycling.

The gas produced has similar qualities to natural gas and so can be used in powering steam turbines and generating electricity.

According to the Financial Times, Chinook estimates the plant will attain recycling and recovery rates of 99%. The remaining per cent is ash and glass residue.

It is anticipated that the plant will help the UK meet the 2015 EU target for scrap car materials recycling of 95%, 10% more than the current target set in 2006.

Source: MRW