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Chinook Sciences to expand in Nottingham
June 20th, 2012


Chinook Sciences Ltd, a Nottingham based clean-tech company, has announced its plans to significantly expand its presence in the city.

The expansion is part of Chinook''s drive to build in Nottingham a "centre of excellence" in sciences and engineering with the world''s highest concentration of expertise in creating renewable energy using Chinook''s patented and proprietary technology that combines recycling and gasification/pyrolysis.

Chinook currently occupy two Nottingham facilities and is working with the City Council to extend to the city of Nottingham the benefit of a community scale "End Stage Recycling®" facility, with renewable energy generation combined with a full scale advanced manufacturing plant.

Chinook''s End Stage Recycling® plant recovers and recycles the valuable metal in the man-made waste residues that would otherwise go to landfill. In the process, and as a by-product, the plant releases the energy generated by the residue in the form of a clean "fuel-grade" synthetic gas or syngas. This syngas is an excellent substitute for natural gas, and could be used in various processes including the generation of electricity using gas engines (as in cars), or using gas turbines (as in planes).

Councillor Graham Chapman, Nottingham City Council''s Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Regeneration welcomed Chinook''s announcement, saying: "Nottingham is renowned for high tech businesses and is one of only six Science Cities in the UK, so we are delighted with Chinook''s commitment to expanding within the city which will enhance our reputation as an ''Energy City''."

Councillor Chapman added, "This announcement demonstrates that Nottingham is ''open for business'' and that we recognise the importance of taking an active approach to attracting companies, like Chinook, that are seeking to expand. This announcement protects existing jobs and, but as important, it shows the promise of new sustainable employment opportunities which will boost the city''s economy and provide jobs for Nottingham people."

Mr. Harry Perry, Chinook''s Technical Director confirmed "Chinook is committed to expand upon its state-of-the-art engineering and research centre in Nottingham with an integrated facility that would house a substantial manufacturing facility combined with a community scale End Stage Recycling® plant. This large commitment to Nottingham demonstrates Chinook''s confidence in the city''s support for growing renewable business." Mr. Perry added "This integrated facility should bring to Nottingham skilled, "green-collar" jobs, and an expertise that is unrivalled in any other city in the UK."