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Chinook Sciences announces a hat trick of Investments in Nottingham.
October 26th, 2011


Chinook Sciences, the End-Stage-Recycling® Company announces further expansion for the European base in Nottingham.

Nottingham, UK - October 26, 2011   Following on from Chinook Sciences’ move to the Nottingham Science Park in October 2010 along with the over £10 Million investment in the world’s most advanced non-coal gasification laboratory in Dunkirk Nottingham, Chinook is expanding and growing again!

Chinook’s RODECS® technology continues to buck the current economic doom and gloom by securing new partnerships throughout Europe and the U.S., and Chinook has further invested in Nottingham by expanding their presence in the landmark Nottingham Science Park by completing their occupation of the development with the planned addition of 20 highly trained engineering posts.

The new office space will allow Chinook to increase the support it offers to its partner facilities by further upgrading the remote Command and Control station to the highest level of sophistication with a combined worldwide plant service and monitoring facility.

Further investment in personnel will complement the existing Nottingham-based engineering and project management group, adding further expertise in both thermal engineering and power delivery services.

Chinook Sciences Chairman and Co-founder, Dr Rifat Chalabi confirmed “with the success of Chinook’s End-Stage-Recycling® concept and our continued market penetration into Europe and emerging markets, Chinook Sciences is in an ideal position to take full advantage of the considerable technological leap that Chinook’s RODECS® technology has in supplying highly efficient and low cost energy that is also renewable energy. The RODECS® technology, with its three independent income streams, has shown tremendous resilience in the current economic climate, and continues to provide investors with attractive returns.”

Recent developments and project opportunities have led to the need to strengthen the company resources available in Nottingham; Harry Perry Chinook Sciences Technical Director believes “it is an easy decision to invest in Nottingham at the Science Park with the pool of talent available in the region, and combined with quality of the current workforce we will be able to grow and fully support Chinook’s wide ranging activity in the W2E field.”

Chinook Sciences is an Anglo-American company with head-office in Cranford, New Jersey, with the engineering and sales office in Nottingham. The business founders who reside in Nottingham and New York have invented, developed, and deployed worldwide the RODECS® system. With its 11 years commercial operating history, the non-incineration RODECS® system is the most efficient waste-to-energy gasification system and the world’s only universal gasification system that can process any form of organic-based waste without the need for pre-sorting or pre-processing.