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Recycling tech firm Chinook expands again in Nottingham
February 15, 2011


AGREEN technology business has expanded its presence in Nottingham by taking on a substantial warehouse in Lenton.

Chinook Sciences is the inventor and developer of the industrial recycling technology called RODECS.

The technology is a non-incineration, thermally-efficient and environmentally safe system to process a wide range of waste materials, recovering the energy to produce steam which is used to generate electricity, which is then exported to the national grid.

Since the system gasifies waste, rather than incinerates it, metals from processed materials can be recovered from the residue and recycled.

In October last year the company, which is US-owned, signed up to take 15,000 sq. ft. of office space at developer Blueprint's No 1 Nottingham Science Park building.

Now, it has taken on additional industrial space in a deal brokered by FHP''s Tim Gilbertson and Jonathon Seddon, of NG Chartered Surveyors.

Chinook has taken a lease on a warehouse on The Midway, near Lenton Lane, which is owned by private clients of Gilbertson.

He said: "I have let this building a few times before and it has always been well received in the market.

"It has an excellent location being set just off Nottingham's Ring Road, but more pertinently it has good car parking and yard facilities.

"Our client's faith in the building and willingness to spend money on the presentation has again yielded favourable results with the swift letting to Chinook Sciences."

Jonathon Seddon acted for Chinook in the deal. He said: "Following on from our having secured flagship offices on Nottingham Science Park for Chinook late last year, renting the premises on the Midway was the final piece of the puzzle for my client. The rapid growth of the company meant they needed larger premises to house additional testing equipment in connection with their energy recovery business."

Chinook is set to increase its workforce from 22 to 48 within the next year on the basis of anticipated demand for its recycling technology as local authorities seek alternatives to landfill.

"The biggest driver in the market is going to be the need to reduce landfill, especially since European legislation means that landfill tax will keep increasing over the coming years," said Paul Riley, senior manager at Chinook.